How Playing Online Slots Has A Pleasing Effect On The Brain

Slot enthusiasts won’t let us lie: just one hour playing your favorite online slot can boost your mood and unwind after a busy day. Let’s see how it works.

Jingles and Colors

How would you build a slot? Throw some symbols and reels together, wrap it up into an appealing theme, and voila! Right?

Not entirely. A lot of science goes into slot creation. Hit online slots like Starburst lead you into a state of excitement by strategically placed audiovisual triggers. They fire up precise neural pathways in your brain and affect your mood. They can even alter your behavior.

The Power of Audio

It’s no secret that music is an excellent method to convey emotions, build ambiance, or trigger a physical response.

Slot creators know this and use many techniques to make their games more appealing to players. Engineered soundtracks and jingles build anticipation. They fire up the brain regions associated with satisfaction, and as a result, make you play longer.

The Power of Visuals

The colors, theme, and animations make up the visual aspect of a slot. Game designers use science-backed, tried-and-true methods to give you the anticipated pleasant emotions.

One of the many examples of visual stimuli affecting your mood is the color theory. It suggests that people associate each color with a certain feeling, reaction, mental picture, or place. Blue makes you calm, red sparks energy, white is associated with purity, and green reminds you of nature. 

While the color perception may vary on personal or cultural levels, some universal characteristics apply, making it easier to find a general approach to building engaging games.

Feel Like a Winner!

There’s no denying that slots are a source of enjoyment for many people. We’ve talked about the science of the audiovisual appeal, but there is more to it.

An fMRI scan experiment suggests that the anticipation of a win and the actual victory affect the same area of the brain. This finding sheds more light on the pleasing effects of slot spinning. It turns out that you feel the same pleasant emotions during the gameplay, regardless of whether or not you win. The only difference is the satisfaction factor, which fades momentarily.

As a result, you start enjoying the process itself. Playing slots makes you feel like a winner all the time!